Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roman Zolanski New Nicki Minaj Name

It will soon be circulating a new track from a singer named Roman Zolanski. This is not a beginner, because the current Zolanski Roman Nicki Minaj. Change the name? We can say that even though Nicki will continue to use the old name. This is just an alter ego alone.
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
Roman Zolanski characters are starting to appear in Revenge of the songs on the disc Roman Pink Friday, November 19, 2010 shared in the past. From the result of a collaboration with Eminem track Roman Zolanski displayed.

"Roman would be different this time. Do you know why? Because he did not like. He realized that it was very important. People will notice later. It was not censored," Nicki Minaj wrote via his blog .

Nicki Minaj Roman Zolanski The figure also shows that as human beings. "He had to stay in a room for two weeks. We'll pick it up. When he arrived later. They will rejoice in the country with his music. Also note the date," said Nicki Minaj again.

Unfortunately, the publication of this blog has been deleted. It was unclear if Roman Zolanski really going on in other projects "live" or should be treated with Nicki. What is clear, according to Contact Music, Nicki Minaj divide the work exactly one year since the release of Pink Friday. So on 19 November.


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